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We have a great love for history and the classic designs
of past cultures.  Much of our work is based on these

Here are some of our favorite source books.

Dryevne Novgorod, Moscow, 1985  (Ancient Novogorod)

Drevnyaya Rus Bit e Kultura, "Nauka," Moscow, 1997  
(Ancient Rus, Life and Culture)

Morris, Carole A.,
Wood and Woodworking in
Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York
, Council for
British Archeology, Bowes Morrell House, York, 2000

Wolsey, S.W. and R.W. P. Luff,
Furniture in England,
The Age of the Joiner
, Frederick A. Praeger, New York,

Wood, Robin,
The Wooden Bowl, Stobart Davies Ltd,
Carmarthenshire, 2005

Victoria and Albert Museum,  
A Short History of English
Her Majesty's Stationary Office, London, 1966

von Stulpnagel,  Karl Heinrich,  
Die gotischen Truhen
der Luneburger Heidekloster
,  Cloppenburg, 2000  
(The Gothic chests of the Luneburger Moor cloister)