About Us
Wolf and Tiger woodworking is the result of the
combined efforts of Barbara and Tracy  Shelanskey.
Together, we have combined our interests and skills to
bring these products to you.

Barbara is an accomplished sculptor and carver,
and is responsible for all the turned work in the
shop. She has been self-employed as a sculptor
for over 15 years and has had extensive
University course work in fine arts.  
Tracy is responsible for the joinery and construction
of the larger pieces at Wolf and Tiger. A self-taught
craftsman, his meticulous attention to detail and his
experience create beautiful as well as long-lasting

Together, we specialize in producing unique
wood-working creations. Many of our pieces are
inspired by medieval styles, creating both historical
replicas and custom designs. Other historical periods
and artwork are also represented in our catalog and
our interests.

Thank you for looking, and we look forward to hearing
from you!
If you have questions or comments, please write
to us at: